oneninefive are demand-generation specialists. They help global B2B brands connect with buyers.
oneninefive needed our expertise across a variety of projects.

Firstly, to help support their existing tech stack. Then secondly, to plan and evolve their digital infrastructure. And finally they wanted more bespoke digital products added to their arsenal of data tools.
We spent time with oneninefive to understand day-to-day operations and what the key objectives were for each project. The tech managers ran us through their existing systems, highlighting the benefits and limitations to the business. Once we had all the facts, we assembled a team of developers and designers who understood the inner workings of the active digital infrastructure. This meant they could easily provide support when needed and make improvements as they built the new data tools.
We successfully launched two data tools and an updated version of oneninefive’s campaign hub, which is used by bidding partners to help manage their work.

While these projects were in progress, we found new ways to improve data flow and user processes, so the operational applications run more efficiently. In the coming weeks and months, we expect to release more applications.
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