Leads United
One of our own products currently being built in the lab. Leads United brings buyers and sellers together with less friction and some clever AI.
Build a lead marketplace where the buyers and sellers come together to exchange leads on a safe, fair, and transparent platform. Broadly made up of three parts: the buyer's section, the seller's section and the transaction section.

The buyer's section is where buyers can publish your requirements and budget. The seller's section contains overviews of sellers and examples of their leads. The transaction part is for safe transactions of data and funds between buyers and sellers. This is all wrapped up with our advanced matching, reporting and data validation.
A deep review of the current industry processes, user research, and analysis on the competitive landscape fed into persona, and user journeys. We have completed prototyping and product design and are in the first development cycle
We are currently running through Agile development phases to iterate our MVP at the start of 2023.
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