Hanse is a tool for analysing international trade flows, bringing together economic data processing and business intelligence software.
When renowned economist and Senior Advisor for Accenture’s Global Blockchain Technology, Dr Ousmène Jacques Mandeng, asked us to help him develop an idea we were flattered to say the least. While working with the UN Economic Commission, Dr Mandeng had an idea for analysing international trade flows; what he needed was help making it a reality.
To bring Dr Mandeng’s vision for Hanse to life, we created a platform that would provide unique search capabilities at a highly detailed level to help identify critical trade relationships. We developed functionality that pulls in raw trade data, adds in a layer of analysis and allows users to query the data, which is then displayed via visually appealing dashboards.
As well as receiving acclaim amongst numerous experts, including Comtrade.UN.org, Hanse has already attracted over 1,000 registered users and continues to expand.