Hanse is a data analytics software tool for businesses to identify critical and timely international trade relationships to help them pursue new market opportunities.
HanseAnalytics V2 – Innovate UK Grant / Beta Launch
In 2020 High Digital obtained a grant from The Sustainable Innovation Fund to further grow Hanse’s search capabilities and feature international trade data.

The UK’s Innovations Agency realised that an investment to enhance the Hanse data analytics tool would be “an important step towards sustainable economic development”, as it would help small and medium-sized businesses across the country to explore new global trading opportunities. Once again, we were hugely excited to work with Dr Mandeng on delivering the new and improved Hanse.
We rebuilt the Hanse website, increased the search capabilities, added a new BI tool, and switched from using only annual data to providing both annual and monthly.
The new Hanse site with its enriched database and improved search tool launched in Sept 2021. The available monthly data on Hanse is pulled from the UN Comtrade database as soon as they upload it for increased accuracy. We also added more reporting countries to provide subscribers with a wider range of potential trading partners to choose from.
Hanse V1 Proof of Concept
When renowned economist and senior advisor for Accenture’s Global BlockchainTechnology, Dr Ousmène Jacques Mandeng, first asked us to help him develop an idea back in 2017, we were flattered to say the least. While working with the UN Economic Commission, Dr Mandeng had an idea for analysing international trade flows, what he needed was help building it.
To bring Dr Mandeng’s original vision for Hanse to life, we created a platform that could provide unique search capabilities at a highly detailed level and identify critical trade relationships. We developed functionality that pulls in raw trade data from the United Nations International Statistics Database (UN Comtrade), adds in a layer of analysis, and allows subscribers to query the data which is displayed via effective dashboards.
As well as receiving acclaim amongst experts, including Comtrade.UN.org, Hanse has already attracted over 1,000 registered users and counting.
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