Hanse Analytics is a tool we built for analysing international trade flow, bringing together economic data processing

MVP requirement

To produce a data analytics software tool for businesses to identify critical and timely international trade relationships to help them pursue new market opportunities.


In 2020 High Digital won a grant from The Sustainable Innovation Fund, Innovate UK, to further grow Hanse’s search capabilities and feature international trade data. We were awarded it on the realisation that this work would be: “An important step towards sustainable economic development”, as it would help small and medium-sized businesses across the country explore new global trading opportunities.

We then rebuilt the Hanse website, increased the search capabilities, added a new BI tool, and switched from using only annual data to providing both annual and monthly.


Azure, AWS, MSSQL, SSAS, .NET Core, PowerBi, ReactJS, API.


9 months.


As well as receiving acclaim amongst experts, including Comtrade.UN.org, Hanse has already attracted over 1,000 registered users and counting.

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