What do you mean by Data Product?

Mentioning data products can make peoples eyes glaze-over. ‘Data Product’ is a bit vague and does sound potentially dull, but they’re more exciting than they sound, and can really step change a business.

What are data products? A product for your internal or external client facing use with data at its heart. You’re probably already using or thinking about some for your work or life. Here are some examples that we’ve built:

  • Hanse Analytics uses ComTrade data to deliver insights on global trade flows. This is particularly useful for importers and exporters looking for new markets or supply chains.
  • We built The Argus Platform for The Marketing Practice to manage their complex client led B2B marketing campaign data to identify customers through orchestrated demand and enriched account-based insights
  • Enrich B2B is a data enrichment tool providing real-time validation and enrichment of contact data against LinkedIn.
  • We can’t disclose the client that we’re building an ESG reporting tool for. But it is amazing piece of engineering and data management. Pulling in data from multiple sources and delivering insights to the business as well as producing ESG reports to internal and external stakeholders.
  • The Intendent Reporting application we’re building is more about data capture and managing time-critical processes. Again we can’t name the client yet, but the initial use case is construction.
  • We are also working on an AI content recommendation application, a data marketplace, and a AI powered content tagging tool.

So from clever prediction models to recommendation systems and dashboards, data products come in all shapes and sizes, tailored to suit your specific needs. They can rescue you from the chaos of information overload and guide you towards the promised land of actionable insights.

Whether you’re a small startup or a big-shot corporation, data products can help you understand your customers better, streamline your operations, and unlock new opportunities for growth. You don’t need a team of engineers to get started, you just need to start understanding where you data is, how to manage it and what you want to learn from it.

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"So proud of our new Arch website that truly shows the core of who we are and what we do. The team at High Digital has done an amazing job and brought our passion through to our website. Thank you for all the hard work to make this happen. Your ability to take our ideas and passion and bring it to life is incredible. Thank you!"

Noreht Viljoen, Head of HR at Arch Emerging Markets

"We have worked with HighDigital for a number of years. They have acted as a true partner, working as an extension of our team to deliver applications that have delivered significant value for the business, and contributed to our ongoing successes. They have continually understood our changing business requirements, and have proactively made recommendations that have led to the development of technically robust products for our business."

Tim Nagle, Head of Data and Tech Ops oneninefive by Agent3

"We have developed a great partnership with High Digital, and we appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to bringing our ideas to life."

Karl, Head of Data The Marketing Practice

"We needed an extremely quick turn-around for our brand, logo and website for Cold Solutions East Africa which High Digital delivered efficiently whilst also maintaining a high standard of work."

Azhar Rifai, Company Director Cold Solutions East Africa

"I have been working with High Digital on the Hanse International Trade Analytics project for several years through beta, V1 and now V2 with funding from InnovateUK. High Digital is a great team to work with, bringing valuable technical skills, domain knowledge, and innovative thinking to the project."

Dr Ousmene Mandeng, Company Director Hanse Analytics

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High Digital: top bi data company
High Digital: top bi data company
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High Digital : ISO 27001

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